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with Sarah Wilson

Photo of Sarah Wilson of Move with Equanimity Penistone
Sarah Wilson, Director of Move with Equanimity

I am passionate about health and wellbeing and supporting people in their own wellness journey. I have a special interest in older people population groups and those with mobility restrictions and limiting health conditions.

It is my vision that everyone can move with equanimity, despite perceived limitations of health conditions or age. I understand how it feels to have limited mobility and suffer with constant pain.

My early childhood was blighted by ill health and movement restrictions. At the age of 12 I had corrective heart surgery and afterwards I discovered that I had the ability to move without restriction or pain. It was liberating and life changing and the start of my love of all things movement and exercise related. I knew that I had been given a special gift and I decided at an early age to commit to my health and wellbeing and never take it for granted.

In 2013 my world was turned upside down when I was diagnosed with a neurological condition. For a year I was barely able to move my arms and was in constant pain. It was a dark time. Modern medicine was not able to offer any solutions other than pain management, so I took control of my own healing journey and adopted a more holistic approach. It was at this time I committed to somatic Pilates and Yoga practices and mindfulness. Within a year I was relatively pain free and once again leading an active lifestyle.

I was so inspired by this holistic approach to healing that I qualified as a Pilates and Yoga teacher and opened my own wellbeing studio in my hometown of Penistone. My teaching style is supportive, inclusive and with lots of laughter.

In 2021 as part of my own wellness journey I studied about the effects of Menopause and the impact on healthy ageing and qualified as a specialist Menopause Yoga teacher. I am passionate about educating and empowering women within their menopause journey, offering group classes and workshops within my community and in workplace settings.

I now specialise in older people population groups out in the community as a Health and Wellbeing Coordinator for the Barnsley Borough, with Age UK Barnsley. I also offer group classes, courses, workshops and 1:1 private consultations.

When I am not sharing my love of movement and wellness to you all, I can be found out in nature walking with my dogs, tending my garden where I enjoy growing fruit, vegetables and flowers, snuggling at home with my cats and hens, playing in my kitchen experimenting with new healthy recipes and of course practicing daily my somatic inspired movement practices to ensure that I continue to Move With Equanimity.


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