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Menopause Matters with Equanimity

I am a specialist accredited Menopause Yoga Teacher and I offer community Menopause classes, workshops and events. I also offer workplace Menopause workshops within the area.

At the time of the menopause, women experience a whole range of symptoms that can adversely affect their quality of life both at home and within the workplace, if not correctly managed. Due to the lack of evidence-based information readily available and the lack of training within with medical profession women are often left without proper advice to enable them to feel empowered to effectively manage their own menopause.

Movement practices, Yoga and mindfulness have been shown to be effective tools in the management of Menopause, along with healthy eating, lifestyle changes and HRT.

My workshops include a supportive peer group interactive discussion and ladies circle, menopause education and signposting to current evidenced based research articles and a nourishing movement practice with mindfulness to support our changing menopausal bodies and minds.

“I aim to EDUCATE women to feel EMPOWERED to EMBRACE menopause with EQUANIMITY.”


A weekly specialist menopause Yoga and movement class with themes to support menopausal bodies and minds. A supportive peer group community with mindfulness to release tension in the mind and body, promoting relaxation and aiding better sleep patterns.

When? Monday 6pm – 7.15pm

Where? Thurgoland Village Hall, Roper Lane S35 7AA.


We can provide bespoke Menopause Awareness Workshops within the workplace to your employees/co-workers.

The sessions include:

The various stages of Menopause.

The effects of hormonal fluctuations and hormonal loss on the mind and body systems and how this can impact a woman in the workplace.

How to effectively manage menopause symptoms with HRT, alternative therapies, lifestyle changes, sleep management, nutrition and exercise.

The workshops tend to build a supportive ladies’ circle, to encourage peer support and connection in the workplace. I can leave you with tips for setting up a workplace support network for continued support.

A relaxing and gentle yoga session suitable for every woman, working on releasing the mind and body to improve focus in the workplace. This will include simple movements and mindfulness techniques to use within the workplace and at home.

Workshops can be designed to suit individual workplace needs.

Please make an enquiry for more details and bookings.


We run regular Menopause activities and Events, please get in touch to find out about our upcoming events.

Moving into Menopause
A 3-hour general menopause awareness workshop with a relaxing Yoga session, guided relaxation and a supportive ladies’ circle.

The Themed Workshops cover the following areas:
Anxiety and the Feelings of being Overwhelmed
Sleep Well Techniques
Menorage – Releasing Anger and Irritability
Movement for Bone Health
Movement for Joint Pain and Muscle Stiffness.
Calming the Mind
Fatigue and Exhaustion
Pelvic Floor Function
Healthy Eating – Healthy Menopause


Please feel free to get in touch by filling out the contact form.