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My movement classes are all focused on functional movement practices to support everyday living activities to promote healthy ageing. I draw upon my background in Pilates and Yoga practises and add a somatic, whole mind and body approach to movement.

The aim of the classes is to provide movement practices that promote healthy ageing that are accessible to everybody. My classes are suitable for people with any underlying health conditions and older people. The classes are totally suitable for beginners in movement practices.

The classes offer modifications and alternative exercises so that you can participate in a group class and feel that you are doing movement that suits your own personal needs, and not that of the rest of the group. You will receive that personal attention and support that is often missing in large general group classes. You will therefore get all the benefits of the social aspect of group participation, without feeling left behind or fearing that you are holding the group back.

The class modifications and adaptations are also suitable for people carrying additional weight, who want to find a movement that suits their body shape. Many general classes do not take into consideration body size modifications, and this is often a barrier for many people.


A mixed ability class blending Pilates and Yoga postures, with playful natural movement sequences, with a somatic whole mind-body focus. For those who want to build strength in the bones, muscles and mind and release tension in joints, muscles and the nervous system.

Participants will need to be able to move from the floor to standing without restriction.

When? 10am – 11 am Sunday
Where? Thurgoland Village Hall, Roper Lane S35 7AA


A mixed ability class aimed at women in stages of perimenopause and post menopause. The class will include specially adapted movements with influences from Yoga and Pilates to suit menopausal bodies. Each week classes will be themed on different symptoms of menopause. The class will include a 15-minute guided relaxation at the end to help alleviate stress and anxiety, calm the nervous and hormonal systems and promote better sleeping patterns. There will be a focus on creating a connected and supportive peer group.

When? 6pm – 7.15pm Monday
Where? Thurgoland Village Hall, Roper Lane S35 7AA


A class especially adapted for older people population group, aged 50 plus. There will be a focus on strength work for muscle loss and bone health, mobility for ageing joints and balance and coordination work. The class will be structured around the physical activity recommendations of the UK Chief Medical Officer (CMO Guidelines) and promote healthy ageing and falls prevention.

The class will also include mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as a chance to be part of a supportive social community of like-minded people. It’s always a friendly event and a great chance to gather together for a cuppa and chat afterwards!

When? 10am – 11am Tuesday

Where? St Andrews Church, High Street, Penistone S36 6BR


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